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Material destruction is an essential part of solid waste management whether at a materials recovery facility (MRF), a factory or a secure disposal facility. Material can be destroyd in various ways through the use of shredders, hoggers and glass bottle breakers.

A whole spectrum of processes, technologies and equipment can be utilised to ensure materials from confidential documents, high security media, computer and mobile phone components, paper, cardboard, plastic packaging material and glass, through to textiles, tyres and medical waste are not only easier to transport, but can also be sorted and recycled more effectively.

Ulster Shredder
Untha Shredder


Shredders are used to reduce the volume of bulky waste to facilitate compacting and baling. Shredders are also regularly applied to ensure destruction of products or materials that may not enter the market. Through our longstanding relationships with suppliers like UNTHA and ULSTER, Akura is able to offer a wide range of shredding solutions. 


Akura’s AKUPAK range of hoggers has been designed to provide the ideal material deforming capacity for bulky cardboard boxes or sheets. Over decades our hoggers have been proven in the field to be safe, robust and reliable.


Glass bottle breakers are mainly utilised to break glass bottles into the optimal size for removal from the waste stream through mechanised sorters and further recycling.

Akura’s Akupak range of glass bottle breakers has been designed to provide the ideal glass breaking capacity to our customers with light or heavy duty applications.

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