Akura is one of Africa’s leading manufacturers of baling equipment and a major manufacturer/supplier of waste handling equipment. We have successfully implemented many projects, from small to large. Although we primarily focus on projects to reduce the volume of waste materials and/or to extract recyclates, having our own in-house design team enables us to offer bespoke solutions to meet your individual requirements across many disciplines.


Advanced Waste Treatment

We design, build and/or supply Advanced Waste Treatment plants to facilitate efficient processing of the waste to recover recyclates, the produce Refuse Derived Fuel and the treatment of the biological component for digesting (gas production) or composting.

Waste Transfer Stations

We have substantial experience in the design and supply of waste transfer stations, based on your specific requirements.

Material Recovery Facilities

Recovering recyclates efficiently from your incoming waste stream is a challenge that we thrive on. We have designed and supplied many material recovery facilities from small to large, with various levels of automation.


We have a complete range of balers for the baling of recyclates and/or waste materials. We supply vertical, horizontal, channel and special (MSW, aluminium) balers.


We have a complete range of compactors, both static or mobile, to compact your waste and/or reclyclates to optimize the transport thereof.


We have over the years developed a complete range of carefully designed conveyors to transport your product safely and efficiently.


Industrial shredding is a specialist field and we have teamed up with the best of breed suppliers to offer tried and tested shredding solutions.


Removing excess liquid from your product stream reduces transport and disposal costs and may even allow for reuse of the extracted liquid and/or solids.


Akura offers a complete range of special containers to meet your waste and/or recyclate handling requirements.

Other solutions

Akura has teamed up with specialists to offer many other innovative solutions, such as liquid/solid separation, optical sorting and waste to energy.

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About us.

Akura is a 2nd generation, family owned engineering company, established in 1970. Started by André Du Toit and now run by his sons, Lance (Managing Director) and Anton (Director), Akura is an integral part of the development of the waste and recycling industry in Southern Africa.

We have considerable experience and leverage both in-house and imported technologies, to add value to our products and systems. We believe our company is only as good as our solutions and team, so we pride ourselves on developing and working with the best we can find.